Team Challenges

Adventure Vault | Escape Room & Virtual Reality Arcade | Corporate Event

Iron sharpens iron. If you are looking for a team challenge that will encourage your group to work together, give them a goal that motivates them, and gives them a break from the norm, then escape rooms are your answer! The idea is simple; a group of 6-8 people enter a room and are locked in. Based on the theme they have to find several clues to get out in less than an hour. It’s a lot of fun, doesn’t take up much time, and is very affordable! That’s exactly what you need when you are looking for something that encourages teamwork.

Team Building Event

Why is teamwork so important for your business or group? There is no business that thrives without its employees working together as a team. Whether you are running a charity, a marketing company, you sell vacuum cleaners, or something else; you have to rely on your staff to get the job done and keep you up and running. A good worker is worth their weight in gold as you can rely on them to handle multiple tasks, your customers, and vendors develop a good relationship with them and they can bring you in new business. That kind of loyalty and dependability needs to be rewarded with more than the occasional lunch.

Adventure Vault escape rooms are a great gift you can give to your employees as a reward for their hard work. They also present a great opportunity for a team challenge in Boca Raton as they encourage teamwork and real bonding. The groups that take part in these challenges enjoy their time and they also appreciate the fact that we are open nights and weekends to better accommodate your schedule. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of these challenges and to book a room!