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Such a fun challenging escape room! We lost but we also had a blast! 😂 Really cool room that was a ton of fun!
Death and Breakfast escape room was super fun! Party of 6, we escaped in 52 min! Will definitely go again, Jessica was very sweet and helpful too!
Was my first time with an escape room. It was a fantastic experience, the guy running it was fun and the challenge, prison room, was just the right level for our group. Can't wait to go back and try one of the other rooms!
Had so much fun tonight doing death and breakfast! We got out with almost 10 minutes left. It was definitely a great experience!
WHAT AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE! The staff is so dedicated to making sure you have an amazing time and the puzzles are so realistic and elaborate. Did the Sherlock homes room and will definitely be back to do the others! I have nothing but positive things to say about this place. Went with my brother who was younger visiting me for a few days and would definitely recommend that anyone who wants to find fun things to do with a family or younger that Adventure Vault should be the first place you look!
We had a great time here while on vacation - my boyfriend and I did the “Death and Breakfast” room. We had so much fun (and even had a fun little scare or two in it!) and while the room was listed as the easiest on the website, we were still reasonably challenged and felt a sense of pride when we completed it successfully. Would absolutely go back when in town!
had so much fun, the staff is so friendly and helpful. 10/10 recommend for families or friends
We had a birthday party 🎉 and the kids enjoyed it. Great activity. The staff was super friendly and helpful.

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