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The best corporate team building games in Boca Raton are going to be the ones that get your employees away from the office and give them a chance to have a little fun. The problem is that you have to find office team building games that everyone will enjoy, is affordable, and doesn’t take up too much time. The problem with doing something during the day is that it obviously means shutting down work for a while. However, you really cannot do it after work or on weekends either because people have families and responsibilities which will keep them from attending. Your goal is to find an activity everyone can take part in, is affordable and fits everyone’s schedule, including yours while also encouraging teamwork. You want something everyone will want to participate in and enjoy. The answer is simple; you need to do an escape room!

Adventure Vault escape rooms are great corporate team building games for several reasons. For starters, they only last about an hour so even if you did have to schedule one during business hours it would not take up the entire day. Not only are they affordable office team building games, but they are also something everyone can enjoy. Sometimes we forget that not everyone wants to participate in softball, bowling or other common activities we try to do. However, escape challenges are great because they have something for everyone. When the challenge begins it’s amazing how quickly everyone falls into their own role and begins to work together. That’s the goal, that’s why you want to have events like these. They break up the routine of work, giving your hardworking employees a break from the ordinary while still benefiting the company. You are encouraging teamwork and giving your employees a fun experience. Give us a call to learn more!

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