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If you are looking to play new escape games it’s probably due to the fact that you have already tried others in your area. These rooms are exciting and can become addictive. However, you can only do each room once as you learn the clues and know how to escape. So what happens when you run out of escape games to play? You find new ones in new areas like Boca Raton. Gamers from Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano, Light House Point, Coral Springs, West Palm Beach and even Miami have traveled here to take on these exciting challenges because they offer something different and updated!

A great tip we recommend to our clients is to keep in touch. If you love escape games to play then make sure you follow those companies on social media. They understand the importance of return business, especially if they have several customers who loved the experience. That’s why we recommend you follow us on social media for updates on big changes, new room additions and more. Don’t be afraid to ask if new challenges are coming up or check out other areas that may have some different ideas.

Adventure Vault is the perfect place to go to play new escape games as we are easy to get to and are always coming up with new and exciting challenges! Gamers are always looking for the latest thing and we try to accommodate you with fun events. As we continue to add additional rooms and utilize new themes, we encourage you to keep in touch so that you can be updated on anything new. If you haven’t tried our exciting escape rooms and would like to learn more about them, give us a call today and be sure to ask about our discounts for booking an entire room!