The Beginning of Adventure Vault

Hey everyone! My name is Lucas, and since this is our first blog entry I would like to introduce everyone here at Adventure Vault! Adventure Vault started with a very close group of family. We consist of 3 brothers and my fiancé (soon to be wife in 5 weeks!).

We have the youngest brother here, Daniel, who has had a background in IT and is currently our tech person. He is in charge of anything related to technology, such as the website, software, etc. but also does a bit of everything else on the side. This guy understands all the tech lingo, we just nod and pretend to know what he’s talking about and let him do his thing!

The oldest brother, Filipe, currently lives in Chicago and has a background in marketing and business. He is the person in charge of the marketing, contacting our marketing groups and also takes care of any designs we need to get done along with Daniel.

Next is Tamara, my fiancé and soon to be wife in almost a month! She is currently attending college to receive her Nursing Degree, but runs the show at Adventure Vault. Tamara makes sure everything gets done, helps with puzzle design, and if it wasn’t for her telling us what to do we’d probably still be working on our first theme lol. She’s a go-getter and does not mess around!

Now to the middle child syndrome.. I’m Lucas and I’m the middle child and the “brains” of the operation. I shot the idea over to the brothers and fiancé and next thing we know we are putting together a business plan. I’m pretty much in charge of coming up with the themes, puzzles, and the business plans with the help of the team. Everyone helps with a little of everything we are very blessed to have the family working on this together!

We love the fact that we can put our creativity into something really cool where people from around the world can enjoy. We get people who are looking for group activities, corporate team building, date night, or just people who are really into escape rooms! It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or veteran, everyone always comes out of an escape game having a great time! We love the reactions and feedback we get from all our customers, and to be honest, we couldn’t be happier doing something we love.

Well, that is the Adventure Vault team and we hope to see you guys here for your next “adventure”!