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Team building games for work are becoming more and more popular. That’s why so many offices from around the country are getting rid of solitary recreational options and going for things that force coworkers to interact in a playful way together. It’s an elementary school idea, but it works. If you want people to be alone you introduce solitary activities to them. If you want people to interact and enjoy their time together, you have to introduce team building games that work. But what if you don’t have enough extra space to bring in a pool table or ping pong table? Even if you do there still needs to be something that breaks up the routine and gives them some motivation to spend time together that’s interactive and fun. This is a big reason why escape rooms in Boca Raton are becoming so popular, especially on a corporate level.


It’s hard to believe that this simple concept can be so popular among businesses, but they are. There are plenty of reasons for this, and it seems as though businesses are trying to make them a regular thing as they encourage teamwork, problem solving skills, and the best part- they break up the routine and give employees a chance to simply enjoy themselves.

  • Quick and easy: Whether you want to do it on the weekend or right after work, one of the biggest advantages to escape room challenges is the fact that they only take up about an hour. That means you have an easier time of making sure that everyone can fit it into their schedule.
  • Working together: The idea behind team building games for work is to always get your employees to work together. That’s no secret, so if you have get them to meet somewhere after work that puts them in a spot where they need to work together and it challenges their problem solving skills, you are in great shape.
  • Fun: The main thing about games is that they have to be fun. No one wants to spend extra time together if it just means extra work. That’s why picnics, networking events, and other things don’t always work. You realize that there’s so much effort going into them that they really aren’t enjoyable. Escape rooms are great because you show up, have fun, and leave.

There has to be some fun when it comes to work. People are not robots, they cannot go in and do the same thing every day and not expect to have issues come up. You need a break in the routine which is why companies are putting ping pong tables and video games in their facilities. Why would you want to offer such a distraction where productivity is paramount? It’s because you will see the same amount of output in 7 hours as you would in 8, but if you give your employees that hour break from their regular work, they recharge and are less prone to making mistakes. We all need a break, and that’s why it’s so important to provide it from a company standpoint. However, there’s also a hidden goal with the games, and that’s to improve team building. When you can get people to work together for one goal and have it be a fun experience it changes everything. That’s why we are seeing a lot more interest from businesses than ever before for our Boca Raton facility.

-Adventure Vault Representative

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