Mystery of Sherlock

Adventure Vault | Escape Room & VR Arcade | Mystery of Sherlock

Adventure Vault, an escape room in Boca Raton, Florida, is excited to announce the opening of our new room Mystery of Sherlock! The room brings a new level of fun for friends, family, and co-workers, and is a perfect addition to Death and Breakfast and Prison Redemption!

The mystery begins with the disappearance of Sherlock Holmes. Only you can save him, but alas – you are trapped! Before you can go look for him, you must solve the clues and puzzles in the room you’ve been locked in. With one hour to figure it out, players must use their brain power and team work to get out in time and maybe even make it to the Hall of Fame!

“Mystery of Sherlock was truly a work of love for the team here at Adventure Vault, just like our other two rooms, we literally built it with our own hands,” said Lucas D’Onofrio who co-owns the business with his brother, Daniel D’Onofrio, and wife, Tamara D’Onofrio. “The community has been so supportive of our business over the last year, that we are excited to finally get a chance to share it with everyone.”