Mystery of Sherlock


Dr. John Watson urgently summons your team to solve the mysterious disappearance of the legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes. According to Watson, Sherlock has uncharacteristically failed to respond to his correspondence for several days, raising fears of foul play. With no time to lose, Watson entrusts you with the task of scouring Sherlock’s study for any clues that might reveal his whereabouts or the circumstances of his sudden silence.

However, as your investigation intensifies, a new danger emerges. The room’s oxygen supply has been mysteriously cut off and the doors have been securely locked from the outside. Trapped, with the air thinning by the minute, your team must quickly piece together the scattered clues and unlock the secrets of Sherlock’s disappearance.

Can you deduce where Sherlock is and make your escape before you run out of oxygen? The game is afoot, and every breath could be your last!


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