Mystery of Sherlock


Watson has called your team to investigate the disappearance of Sherlock Holmes! Watson says Sherlock was supposed to have written back to his letter as usual, but has not heard back from him in days and is worried something terrible might have happened! Watson has asked your team to investigate Sherlock’s room for any signs or clues as to what could have happened, but while your team is searching the room, it seems to be getting harder to breathe…

The oxygen has been cut off from the room and the door has been locked! You and your team must find out where Sherlock is and escape before running out of oxygen!

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Valid Friday – Sunday

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8 is our recommended max number of players for this room. If you are looking to include more than the recommended max, please give us a call so we can make the necessary accommodations!


If a participant is under the age of 18, a guardian will be required to sign for them.

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