Escape Room For Your Corporate Team

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Building a cohesive unit of individuals who work in collaboration as one well-coordinated team is very important in any business. This is exactly the reason many companies and start-ups invest much time, money, and effort into team building.

Human psychology dictates that often our individuality comes in the way of perfect coordination with other members of a team working together to achieve a common objective. As such, team building efforts are required to ensure cohesion between members of a group. One innovative way to achieve team building is to explore the option of escape rooms along with your team.


If your team is failing to coordinate as one cohesive unit in a working environment; you can benefit from taking your team out of the working environment into a fun zone that allows them to indulge in fun activities together. This will build cooperation and camaraderie within your team and this is exactly where escape rooms come in.


Escape rooms are defined by simulated games; much alike group treasure hunts. The objective for your team is to find their way out of an enclosed indoor space and the only way to achieve this objective is to work together to decipher clues that lead to a way out. These exercises may not feel like work however they have much to contribute to the workplace in terms of encouraging cohesion between different members of a working team. Reach out to Adventure Vault at to know more about team building escape room games!