Escape the Heat at Our Escape Room and Virtual Reality Arcade

Summer should be the most fun time of the year, especially for your kids. But a hot, breezeless day can turn a fun family outing into a miserable experience. If you want to soak up those summer vibes, get in some family quality time, and have loads of fun, we’ve got your summer covered. Join us at our Escape Room and Virtual Reality Arcade to get away from the prickling heat!

Cool Activities For The Whole Family

Our VR arcade gives you several ways to spend quality time with your children. Try your luck at games that can be played alone or in twos or more. Turn it into a learning experience that help your kids develop skills, character, and growth.

The crowning jewel, of course, is our VR collection that puts you in the middle of all the action. Our VR games come with uber-cool setups that combine nicely weaved storis with hands-on experiences. Get your whole body involved and feel like you’re in the moment.

The best part about a VR arcade is there’s always something new to enjoy. You’ll have plenty of reasons to stay for the day. And chances are your toddlers and teens alike will find a new favorite they’ll want to play over and over again.

Escape The Room (Or Not)

Games aren’t your only option to escape the heat. Turn family time into a mental exercise as you work together in one of our escape rooms!

Have fun while solving puzzles and mysteries as you try to find your way out of a room. Each room follows an unique story line and integrates challenges that are great for all ages. You’ll need to team up since you’re racing against the clock — but don’t worry, this race won’t make you break a sweat!

Did We Mention NO Heat?

All of our VR experiences and escape rooms are inside our air-conditioned building, giving you the greatest escape from the sweltering sun. We’re also fully loaded on cold refreshments and snacks, so you can spend the day in comfort!

We also have our party room available to rent. Host a birthday party, late graduation party, or family get-together, or give your teens and their friends a safe place to retreat for the day.

Come See Us This Summer!

Summer vacations are the time to create precious memories with your kids that you’ll cherish forever. And unlike at home, you won’t be busy preparing the food and drinks all the time or figuring out how to keep your kids entertained. We’ve done all that for you!

Our Escape Rooms and Virtual Reality games are must-try experiences this summer. They’re fun, unique, and give you a full day of fun on a budget!

So, grab your essentials, take a day off work, and get ready to have the time of your lives. Our Escape Room and Virtual Reality Arcade helps you escape the heat in style!