Group Team Building Activities


Adventure Vault escape rooms of Boca Raton provides the perfect group team building activities because they are fun, affordable, and do not take up everyone’s time. Have you ever tried putting together an event? One of the first things you realize is that it’s nearly impossible to find a time that works for everyone. Next you have to find something that everyone wants to do. That’s another problem because everyone has different interests. Finally you have to make sure that whatever you pick is something that benefits your goals including getting people to have fun and work together at the same time!

Group Team Building Activities



Why Are Escape Rooms The Perfect Group Team Building Activity?

Getting people together is always a challenge. You can make plans a year in advance and there’s always something that comes up. It’s frustrating, especially on a corporate level, but if you are in search of something you can get everyone involved in then there’s no better idea than these challenges. 



  • Fits the schedule: One of the hardest things to do with a group is find something that fits everyone’s schedules. Thankfully these challenges only last an hour and they are usually done at night or on weekends so you are not going to have much difficulty finding a time that works for everyone. 
  • Appeal to everyone: It would be fun to go to a ball game but again it’s tough to fit that into everyone’s schedule, especially if they live in Boca Raton. Sporting events are not only going to take a few hours but travel time can be a lot of people as well. 

  • Fun and challenging: It’s no secret that one of the main reasons for the popularity of escape rooms is because they present a challenge and you always have competition. Every group always asks what the best time is on a particular room because they want to beat the record.

  • Group Team Building Activities: Corporations are always looking for ways to break up the routine and encourage their employees to spend time together outside of work. The reason is because it encourages teamwork and unity, something every business needs in order to be successful. Escape rooms are the perfect group team building activity because they are fun but also encourage teamwork and the use of problem solving skills.

One of the reasons businesses in Boca Raton love us is because we offer the perfect opportunity to get everyone together after work hours but not take up all of their time. For example, you want everyone to go to an event but during the day they can’t because they have too much going on with their jobs. You try for something on nights or weekends but they have families and other responsibilities. It’s so difficult to get everyone on board for something, especially when it takes 3-5 hours like a sporting event. You don’t have that problem with escape rooms because they last an hour at the most and people want to do them. Businesses really love them because they are also great group team building activities and teach employees to work together. That’s the real appeal they have for businesses and why they are getting more popular for corporate events.
— Adventure Vault Representative