Have a birthday coming up for yourself, a friend, or family member and you want to do something different? Maybe you have a date night coming up and you want to break the routine of dinner, movies, and repeat. The popularity of escape rooms continues to grow because they are fun, different, and affordable. Whether it’s just you and your date or a group of friends, it’s the perfect opportunity to do something new, compete with other groups, interact with new people, and enjoy a new challenge! So when you are looking for a creative idea for a birthday or date night in Boca Raton you can’t do much better than escape room games! But what makes them so much fun and exciting?


Understanding The Brilliance Of Escape Room Games

You’ve been reading about these games, you’ve seen reviews and you know someone who has taken part in them and highly recommends them. Still not sold? Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider escape room games for your next free night or weekend. 

  • Real Life: Get away from the video and board games and get out and experience something real. It’s different, it’s not something you are going to do every weekend and it’s a lot of fun. 
  • Challenge: People love challenges which is why they spend so much money on video and board games, puzzles and other things like that. You use a series of clues to try and escape the room as quickly as possible. What can be a more exciting challenge? 

  • Interaction: If you are just going with your significant other it’s a great way to meet new people and interact. If you are going with a group of your friends what better way to share a fun experience and have something new to talk about?

  • Quick: Unlike other activities you may want to do these escape rooms are not time consuming. You can go before or after dinner, nights and weekends so it fits your schedule without taking it over. At the most you should expect two hours (really it’s much shorter than that) so it’s easy to get everyone together for a night on someone’s birthday. One of the most challenging things with planning is making sure it fits everyone’s schedule. That’s another big advantage to these challenges; they are short and sweet so it’s easier to get people to sign up.
The crowds for our challenges at the Boca Raton facility are usually corporate groups, birthday parties or just a group of friends looking for something fun and different to do one night. However, we have seen an increase in date night crowds whether it’s a group of couples who come in together or just a couple who don’t mind meeting new people and want to participate in one of the challenges. These games are very exciting and people have started to make it a regular thing. That’s one of the big reasons we wanted to add an additional room, it gives you another excuse to come visit us and everyone wants to see if they can set the best time.
— Adventure Vault Representative
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