Looking for a Team Building Event?


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One of the things that makes Adventure Vault so popular is the fact that it provides the perfect team building activities for your company. Building chemistry is so important for any corporation, and escape rooms have become an ideal option.

As you look at what’s available, you first want to make sure that it will provide a fun environment for your team and also help individuals improve problem solving skills. It seems crazy to think that this can all be done in an hour, but it's authentic because you are enjoying yourself while accomplishing a common goal!

Fun: The original reason these challenges are popular is because of how exciting they are! The different themes create anticipation seeing as you can try different rooms and different challenges. That’s why they are not only popular for corporate events but for birthdays and date nights as well!

Team Building Event

Problem Solving: These challenges remain popular for businesses because they force teamwork and improve problem solving skills. Throughout the day, your job requires you to solve problems no matter what your company role is, so any time you can combine fun with problem solving, it’s a win-win.

Working Together: No company can flourish if its team isn’t working together. Escape rooms not only encourage teamwork, they make it mandatory because it is too much for one person to take on. It’s amazing how every time a new group enters a challenge, someone always takes charge, another one focuses on possible clues, and others focus on different obstacles. Meanwhile the clock is ticking, and multiple themes provide opportunities to take on new roles!

After Work: Another factor that’s great about Adventure Vault in Boca Raton is that they have a flexible schedule that works well for you. You do not have to pull your employees out of work for an entire day. Everyone can meet there after work or on the weekend, and because it only takes about an hour, people can find a way to make it fit in their schedule. Other team building activities can take all day, which doesn’t work if people have families or other responsibilities.

One thing that Adventure Vault does, is make sure that the challenges are fun and exciting. What really helped us choose Adventure Vault for our team building event is the fact that we saw them as one of the ideal team building activities because they are affordable, nearby, do not take all day, but they encourage employees to work together while also breaking the routine you get into from work. It’s not easy to get everyone together without pulling them out of work, and if that’s not an option for you, an escape room is even better because it can be done right after work or on the weekends.
— Romulo Tabosa, ETR Woodwork Installation, CEO